Founded in 1994
Atty. Marco Petrucci


Our goal is to find a quick and satisfactory out-of-court solution.


Founded in 1994 by atty. Marco Petrucci to combine his professional experience and passion for the legal profession in a project of traditional imprint in order to guarantee in every sector a personalized, serious and qualified assistance.


The studio is composed of a group of professionals, specialized in different areas, in order to provide 360 degree assistance and advice. The studio is also shared with a team of chartered accountants with whom are dealt multidisciplinary issues are dealt with on a daily basis.


The Petrucci attorney firm has its office, since the establishment, in Piazza della Repubblica 9, Milan, in a building built in the 1930s 30 by Giovanni Muzio. The decoration of the historic door is the work of the famous sculptor Giacomo Manzù.
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Judicial recovery of debts
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The experience gained in this field has taught us how essential it is to carry out an extrajudicial activity (from the preparation of the complete file to the correspondence before and after the warning), to be successful in the judicial phase.

The subsequent judicial phase is managed by the Studio Petrucci with experience gained over 30 years of work and is based on a series of information supports (commercial information and tracing) plus an on-line connection with databases, and the National Real Estate registers.

Consulting and contracts
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In this branch, the experience is mainly focused on understanding immediately the "core" of the problem and searching for the most suitable solutions for the Client.

Since the contractual formats are now available to everyone, in order to give added value to our work, it is necessary to find the most appropriate "customized suit" on the Client, trying to better understand his goals and needs.

Labour law
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This is a branch of the law of great charm because of its importance and speed in the decisions.

Our experience has taught us that good prevention and planning are essential elements, the assistance and advice of a lawyer, to achieve the goals set.

At the base of the success in a labor dispute, there is always a preliminary and in-depth preliminary study of the case, only in order to decide if and how realize a proper defence, preparing in detail the first hearing or trade union relations, on which the final result crucially depends.

Civil enforcement law
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In this phase of our work, it is essential to decide in advance the operational strategy through the use of on-line databases, which allow to obtain crucial information on debtors and make making the choice with the highest probability of success and proportionate costs..

Our Studio is in possession of public and private on-line databases which provide data and information on both natural and legal persons..

Insolvency law
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The general economic crisis faced in recent years and the consequent reforms in this matter, have increased the recourse to bankruptcy proceeding, with the consequence that especially in the context of debt collection, every day we are confronted with such procedures.

The Studio Petrucci has therefore organized a person dedicated to the management of online bankruptcy procedures, which assists the various components of the Firm in their daily activities.

Family and Juvenile law
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An in-depth analysis of the events, placing children at the center of each evaluation and / or decision, makes the work on this matter, difficult but of great substance. Our goal is to lead the Client by hand, with delicacy and seriousness, towards the most realistic goal at the moment.

The constant presence of the a professional lawyer and the trust that the Client decides to put on his work, are qualifying elements to make a good service.

Medical malpractice
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This sector of Italian Law has had, in recent years, a very wide development, creating often wrong expectations.

In order to obtain good results and above all to provide an adequate service, it is necessary to use medical and legal advisors.

Studio Petrucci collaborates with extremely competent professionals in this field, a peculiarity which provides us an excellent standard of quality.

Road accidents law
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In this sector, regulatory developments have "limited" the action of lawyers, whose work, if balanced and supported by who has multi-year of experience, can constitute added value for the customer.
Compensation for damages
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The damage, , its nature and above all its quantification, constitute a recurring problem in the legal practice.

The goal of the Studio Petrucci is to seek the exact qualification and quantification of the damage, also through the help of specialized consultants who allow us to propose balanced and focused actions.

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A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible.

Marco Petrucci

Founder / CEO

Lucia Arenari


Raffaella Caresano


Gaia Manni


Marta Petrucci


Chiara Oriani, Silvana Ferrante, Serena Dilascio



Modus operandi


Confer with the client and understand his problems and needs.


Focus the goal to be achieved.


Provide the client and share with him a clear and detailed strategy, explaining the relative costs.


Look for the quickest and cheapest solution to disputes, possibly extrajudicial.

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It is not wise who knows many things, but who knows useful things.
WhatsApp: the legal value of chat messages in the civil trial.

WhatsApp: the legal value of chat messages in the civil trial.

With the spread of new technologies and smartphone, now everyone knows and uses WhatsApp, the application of more widespread free messaging to the world.
As it is known, This tool allows users to send and receive voice messages and chat in an incredibly intuitive and immediate.
But what legal force have the messages sent and received via WhatsApp?
The conversations contained in the chat and voice notes, saved in the smartphone memory, They can have probative force in a trial against those who sent them?

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The specific written approval pursuant to Article 1341, comma 2°, cod. civ. for unfair contract terms unilaterally prepared by a farmer makes use of the virtual platform for the sale of its products is certainly also applicable to ...

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